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“Your behavior determines to some extent, the destiny of your nation and your group” - John Henrick Clarke. In this paper I will discuss and make application of the following group behavior themes covered in the Organizational Behavior Class; Leadership and followership styles, Synergistic Decision making, and Body Language as described in Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk. In additional I will discuss the insights gained through the Desert survival exercise and Strength Development Inventory (SDI) and apply those insights to my personal real-life experiences. The first theme to discuss is leadership and followership style. These are the behaviors exhibited, or methods used by a leader to control or influence his or her followers and the…show more content…
The democratic leadership style provides for a happy medium between the autocratic and laissez-fair styles of leadership. In this scenario the leader attempts to provide direction to the group without overpowering or creating follower dependency on himself. This style of leadership is most likely to provide for satisfied and empowered followers. An example of this style of leadership can be seen in a workplace where employees feel empowered to work independently with clear and concise direction from leadership. Followership style on the other hand, is the behavior the followers of a leader exhibit. Stewart Tubbs also breaks this down into three categories: dependent, Independent, and counterdependent followership. The dependent follower will follow orders as instructed and is highly reliant on his or her leader for instruction and decision making. As discussed above military organizations may produce highly dependent followers in response to an autocratic or authoritarian leadership style. In contrast counterdependent followers are rebellious and seemingly refuse to be led. Those who exhibit counterdependent behaviors are used to getting their own way and resist being told what to do. Laissez-Fair leadership can result in a counterdependent follower. Like leadership styles, there is a followership style that falls as a happy medium, the independent followership style.

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