Analysis Of Ann Hood And Jamaica Kincaid

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Family is something that has an impact on all of us. Whether your family was there for you through thick and thin, or if your family was never there for you at all, our families shape us into who we grow up to be. That being said, the value of family is extremely important to us all. In the case of authors Ann Hood and Jamaica Kincaid, their family’s both certainly had enough of an impact on them to write articles about their personal pasts. Although the articles have a much different flow and a much different objective, they both touch on the effect their families have had on them growing up. When reading both articles it is apparent that Ann Hood has a better grasp on the importance of family values than Jamaica Kincaid does, because of the more nurturing way Hood was raised, in comparison to Kincaid.
Ann Hood’s article titled Street Scenes is about her drive home to her childhood house in West Warwick RI, to visit her mother. What’s significant about this drive home is that she sees things from her past that bring her back to important memories she has kept as she’s grown older. One place that was particularly important to Hood was West Warwick’s own Dunkin Donuts coffee shop. Hood makes it evident that the Dunkin Donuts is meaningful to her by saying, “My mother would take me at three in the morning for coffee and a plain cruller when I was in high school and suffered insomnia”(Hood 239). This is a touching memory from Hood’s past that displays the love and care she

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