Analysis Of Behind The Wall

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The United States has a history of discrimination against a myriad of minority groups, one of which is women. Throughout the years, women and their supporters have fought for their rights legally and socially. Feminists have been through many fights, one of which was the fight against domestic violence in the 1970’s and 80’s (Cunnea). Tracy Chapman was on the side of the feminists during that time; she even put out a single about domestic abuse called Behind the Wall (Younge). Behind the Wall highlights the relationship between police and domestic abuse during that time and how their neglect helped perpetuate the status quo. The song paints a vivid picture of several incidents between a man and his wife where it is inferred, that in the end, the woman ended up being fatally wounded. The police in the scenario are repeatedly called but never do anything about the situation, and the woman ends up being carried away in an ambulance. This scenario exemplifies how many reported cases of domestic violence played out: women being hurt and men not facing their consequences. In this paper, I would tend to speak about 3 important topics. First, what domestic abuse is, find out why most people aren’t willing to talk about it. Also, to understand polices’ response to domestic abuse and what if the abuser is a part of the police force what does one do?
Behind the Wall is filled with brilliant imagery and many instances of figurative language which builds on informs her reader that

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