Analysis Of Black Mirror 's Episode

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Black Mirror’s episode “Fifteen Million Merits” is a satirical piece that shows a dystopian society in which everything one does and every choice one makes are commercialized. The society and commerce of this environment operate on a system of merits; individuals bike endlessly and monotonously to earn credits, which they can use to purchase items ranging from food to toothpaste to online cosmetics for their characters. The episode portrays the role of commerce within society in an exaggeratedly negative tone, indicating the differences in social class created by an individualized and consumeristic society, showing the monotonous lives of average people compared to the rich and famous, as well as the extremely difficult and narrow opportunity of pursuing a better life - climbing the social class pyramid. It also shows how commerce allows the upper class to control and suppress the desensitized and self-centered lower classes and citizens within this capitalist and consumeristic society. Finally, the episode addresses the inconsistency of people, who set out to create positive social change, being suppressed by the institutional power of the famous and wealthy and converted into commercialized commodity in return of a better lifestyle and higher social class. From the episode’s first scenes, the society’s property of commerce is introduced: the concept of “merits” is that one must work to survive and work harder to enjoy a better lifestyle. Social classes are

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