Analysis Of Bronfenbrenner 's Ecological Model

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I have learned that there is more to the children in a classroom setting than what is on the surface. It can be said that the child 's anchor is the family and as a future educator it is important to have a relationship with them. I think the most significant component is effectively communicating with the families in a way that is meaningful to them. From lecture, we have learned that we must treat families with “dignity and respect” when working with them. We can do this by taking a closer look at the family in the context of culture and family dynamics. In a short sample, I will synthesize interview responses of two parents through the lens of Bronfenbrenner 's ecological model to further explore their discipline, feelings, …show more content…

However, she sometimes sees herself as too lenient because it is just the two of them. In opposition, Mom B considered herself to have a more permissive approach in her parenting style. She does not believe this is culturally driven and often finds herself rarely having to punish him. These mothers as a part of the child 's microsystem directly effect how their children are raised. As I continued to review the interview responses, I went on to see components of the children 's mesosystem and microsystem of both families. When it comes to discipline within their culture, both moms found that other people disciplining their children was acceptable. Both have their different reasons why, but I think it is important to point out that by allowing others, like teachers, to discipline their children makes this an interaction of the mesosystem. These interactions are important because it builds a sense of trust between the teacher and family. Not pointed out directly by Mom A and Mom B, I observed that they both had their sons in some sort of school that is related to their beliefs and customs. I inferred that the types of schools that they go to is an example of an exosystem. For example, Mom B 's son, who is of a Jewish culture, goes to a Jewish school will find more support in the values and beliefs he has been accustomed too. If this same boy went to a Catholic school, he might need more support in adjusting to a different environment than what he is used to

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