Analysis Of CP Agro Industries

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CP Agro Industries was originated in 2001 with the larger vision of becoming a true Food Company across the Delhi and NCR region. At present, CP Agro are in the business of producing wide range of different types chips, biscuits, cookies, namkeens and rusk. Their popular brands are Jumbo Fun and Double Mind.
The unit is located at Delhi spread across a developed piece of land and equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility with qualified personnel to develop & produce quality products under stringent conditions to suit every class of consumers.
The unit is operating at its optimum level and has achieved the status of highest installed capacity unit to its credit in unorganised biscuit manufacturing facility in the entire Region.
Their state-of-the-art production unit coupled with the …show more content…

Cooper (2003) noted that most new innovations come with high risks as most of them failed in the marketplace creating the need for marketers to have a clear understanding of success factors in brand adoption. Theories of adoption have often been used to explain how consumers form preferences for various goods and services.
Brand awareness is the ability for a customer to recognize or recall that a brand is a member of a certain product category (Aaker, 2011).
Brand awareness is a fundamental attribute of customer brand equity. It tends to be an underestimated component of brand equity (Tong & Hawley, 2009). Brand awareness includes two elements which are brand recall and brand recognition. According to Aaker (1996) there is a positive relationship between trust, value and brand equity. Trust is the faith put into a brand with regard to its quality, consistency, etc. Value is created by providing a solution to consumers’ needs and wants in a way that the cost to the consumer is fair considering the benefits gained (Aaker,

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