Implement Campaign Evaluation Strategy Which:. Ocomment

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 Implement campaign evaluation strategy which: o Comment on advertisement content and how it was developed.

The designed advertisement for Coke Zero focuses on the truth and facts provided by the industrial researchers and medical professionals. It provides the transparent information of how the products help to keep customers healthy and fit and will not incur any negative health effects. Different age of customers and different customer segments found it as the economic, easy to approach and handy products. There will not be any guilty feeling after they consume the products. The designed advertisement reflects a true and transparent information and fact and there is no ethical and legal concerns involved.

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The best way to improve sales and profits is to reach the selected target segments. That being said the marketing officers must make sure their advertisement reaches the customers who are most likely to purchase their products. Companies often develop customer profiles from feedback surveys or marketing research to gather these data records. Target customer variables or demographic factors can include age, gender, income level and education level.

- Brand awareness: Brand awareness is a different metric to measure the advertisement effectiveness. Brand awareness is the ratio of customers who recognize a company 's brand of products. It will take long time and large volume of market exposures to establish high brand awareness. Television and radio are two of the best mediums for building brand awareness. Marketing personnel can also build their brand awareness from the Internet by advertising in the industrial website, or promoting their products via major search engines such as Google and Ebay.

o Analyse expenses occurred during campaign and comment on its effectiveness.

Expenses occurred during campaign Amount Analysis Comment on its effectiveness
Email marketing $5000 Spent $1000 less than the budget targets Improved customers inquiry rate about the company’s products and services
Social media $1000 Spent $800 less than the budget targets Customers engagement rate on the social media are improved by 20%
Online display advertisement $5000

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