Analysis Of Campbell Soup Company : Human Capital And The Triple Bottom Line

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Sustainability Report-Campbell’s
Professor Stephen Dilchert
Human Capital and the Triple Bottom Line
May 9th, 2015 due on 5/15 at noon-- Class ID 9922814 --Password 9392

Campbell Soup Company started their first corporate social responsibility (CSR) act in 1939 with a gift made to Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey for $350,000 to build a new hospital wing. Along their 145 year journey Campbell’s embarks on a mission to continue their dedication to CSR. From the perspective of an external auditor, you will be able to recognize the CSR approach, standards and their long term commitment to CSR and sustainability.
Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson founded a business in 1869 that would eventually be called Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB). The first plant was located in Camden, New Jersey were currently the Campbell’s global headquarters are located. Campbell’s brand is responsible for $2.1 billion (USD) in global annual sales out of the $8 billion of annual sales that Campbell Soup Company is responsible for. Campbell Soup Company’s portfolio of business consist of a broad range of soups, snacks, meals to healthy beverages which operate in 14 countries and are sold in over 100 countries.
The core approach to the CSR and sustainability at Campbell Soup Company (Campbell’s) breaks down into what they define CSR. As there are various definitions of CSR, Campbell’s defines their CSR in three parts; to advance global nutrition and wellness, build a more

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