Campbell Soup Business Strategy

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Campbell Soup has been a trusted icon in the marketplace for over a century. When John Dorannce stumbled onto the discovery of condensed soup, it could be safe to say he had no idea that his discovery would change the food market forever. Following the discovery of condensed soup, Campbell Soup Supply Company has grown its market and product lines in order to meet the wants of consumers around the globe (Forbes Welcome, 2017).
However, the security of being a present day processed food leader is challenged by changes within consumer demands, unpredictable variables processed food market (such as weather), technological changes within the factory and public environment has changed the food manufacturing game.
Because consumers desire fresh food items, the iconic red and white soup can is not being put into the cart nearly as often as in recent years past. Consumers have also shifted the juice market which have carried the loss of the soup sales for Campbell’s; that is, until the last two years. Campbell’s has experienced a decline in the sale of its juice brands such as Splash, and Fusion, and V8 along with its Simple Meals portfolio (Kilgore, 2017).
Consumers have become leery due to health
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The food giant did change some of the product line(s) to compete with the market changes only consisted with creating a lower sodium line, and a “sea salt” variety. Unfortunately, this innovation was not enough to keep consumers purchasing product at rate seen in previous years, and actually failed to increase demand. The failed initiative coupled with the overall economy, which was still recovering from the recession, made the forecasted revenues for the Campbell Soup Company overstated. Not meeting the fiscal year goal was a wakeup call; the way Campbell Soup, their consumers, and marketing tied them together drastically needed to change. Campbell’s needed to disrupt the processed food
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