Analysis Of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ' The Dangers Of A Single Story '

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in a TED Talks presentation titled “The Dangers of a Single Story”, introduces her concept of the single story as having an incomplete perspective on topics such as race, gender equality, and sexual identity that translate to how people perceive each other. People who suffer from a single story rely on their partial judgment to make decisions about others rather than to make decisions on what is factual. Being exposed to various literature is crucial in avoiding the dangers of a single story because literature allows readers access to the immense library of knowledge from millions of writers. Readers have the privilege to see the world from thousands of different perspectives which allow individuals to immerse in a world from the author’s point of view and reflect upon their own lives. Consequently, readers make better decisions and are more open-minded compared to individuals who do not study the literature. Studying different types of literature expose readers to a number of perspectives that help develop critical thinking skills essential to understanding their society and promoting diversity. In addition, literature encourages mindfulness crucial in the workplace because it eliminates cultural bias while eradicating partial thought processes that lead to single stories.
Reading various types of literature, especially multicultural literature, helps people eliminate cultural bias and introduce various perspectives into culture that support

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