Analysis Of ' Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover ``

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"Don 't judge a book by its cover" is a phrase that many adults tell children to have them look on the inside. However, people often judge based on appearance. There is an abundant number of people who are superficial and believe appearance is the true key of life. Social media, magazines, and the fashion industry encourage the general public to idolize and crave beauty. A young girl would disgorge herself in order to look like the models walking the runway, or the famous actress on a magazine. In society, beauty is based on and revolves around the appearance of a person. Glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and a bright white smile is defined as beautiful. Unfortunately, people typically ignore what is on the inside of person. Exterior beauty can lead people to make hasty decisions to trust people. The brightest smile can hide the most lies, and the eyes that sparkle the most have done harsh things. However, people ignore the terrible actions of beautiful people because of appearance. Interior beauty reveals how beautiful a person truly is. Along with physical appearance, confidence and personality determine the true beauty of a person. Physical appearance determines how beautiful a person is on the outside. A face covered in makeup products, hair that is fashionably styled, and the latest fashion trend is usually the equation that equals beauty. However, weight is a key component in beauty as well. If a woman is not a size zero, society believes she is not beautiful. Fortunately
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