Analysis Of Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

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Psychology can be in defined numerous ways. It is most commonly thought of as the study of a person’s mind or behavior. Psychology is when you try to understand individuals and things that drive them to do what they do. Say there’s a man who murdered his sister. Psychology fits into this situation if you want to find the reasoning behind the man’s intentions. You would explore his past in order to find things that could motivate him to kill. There are quite a few examples of psychology in books, such as the book called Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. In this particular book, the two main characters form a relationship with each other. Even with Eleanor’s rough past, she still finds someone who understands how it feels to be different, despite the fact Park’s mother doesn’t quite agree at first. Eleanor isn’t your stereotypical high school girl that you read about in other romance novels. She isn’t skinny. Her hair isn’t always perfect. She doesn’t wear the newest clothes or even the most normal clothes. An idea for the reason Eleanor acts and presents herself is due to her past. One or two years before Eleanor returns home, she had been sent away to stay with some of her mother’s friends. This is on account off Richie, her step-dad. Richie is abusive, always angry, and everything is his way, or no way. It never mentions what Eleanor did to anger him, but it does claim, “Eleanor was only supposed to stay with them for a few days, maybe a week. Just until Richie cooled

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