Analysis Of Genovus Biotechnologies ( Genovus )

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Genovus Biotechnologies (Genovus) is an infant biomedical company, which is currently working to procure seed A funding. Each member of the Genovus leadership is working to propel the company into existence while holding other jobs to pay basic life expenses. There is a small budget for information technology tools such as email, calendar, and videoconference. The Genovus leadership team needs to decide what information technology options will streamline and simplify the work for the four-person business. This paper reviews two decision making tools, mind mapping and decision tree analysis, and how these two tools may help the Genovus leadership team determine the toolsets needed at this time. Mind mapping is a brainstorming tool. It enables the tool user to engage with concepts in at a deeper level, thereby encouraging longer lasting learning about a topic (Davies, 2011). When concepts are complex, the mind mapping process allows linking like concepts together in a nonlinear model, assisting the user in uncovering dependencies between concepts. Additionally, the visualization of data facilitates the user’s ability to quickly think through multiple ideas spontaneously (Davies, 2011). The process of mind mapping increases the quantity and quality of the ideas, while facilitating critical thinking (Luh, Ma, Hsieh, & Huang, 2012). When performed in a team setting, the visualization, and free flow of thinking bring out a variety of ideas in a group (Luh et al.,

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