Analysis Of George W. Bush 's Leadership Style Essay

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I. Deliberation v. Decisiveness: Comparing Management Styles
The course of a presidency is shaped by decisions made before inauguration day. The choices a president-elect makes when staffing their White House determines how they will use the precious time they will spend in the Oval Office. The management style of a president is a function of the president’s personality with consequences for the future of the country. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are different men who constructed for themselves distinctly different White Houses, each with their own priorities, strengths, and weaknesses.
George W. Bush prided himself on his decisiveness. Bush’s management style was structured around a desire to preserve the time of the president and produce swift action. Bush’s management style was a product of his past experiences as a former governor of Texas and business executive and his business school education. His life experiences had taught him to delegate and trust the abilities of his immediate subordinates. (Allen & Broder, 2004) Joe Allbaugh, a top aide and 2000 campaign director, described Bush as the “best one-minute manager” and a “fantastic delegator.” (Public Broadcasting Service, 2004) President Bush once described his own decision making style by stating “I’m not a textbook player. I am a gut player.” (Pfiffner 2011, 249) This preference was reflected in the way his White House organized his access to information.
The Bush White House, while not built around a
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