Political Leadership And The President Of The United States Of America Essay

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Introduction There is a mind-boggling question that has been floating around the American people here lately. And the question is, “What are the qualifications to construct a good political leader?” When you think about this, other careers such as law enforcement, health professionals, educators, and even city transit drivers all have a more clear-cut job depiction on how to be successful in that career, but when it comes to the criteria for political leadership, one will find a vague description on how and what to do, and the various loop holes in certain areas in politics. So this creates an even more challenging task for people to define if a political leader is good or bad; and could possibly create a divide across the nation. I personally feel that it would be a phenomenal notion to observe Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II, our 44th President of The United States of America, without having any biased views or opinions, to analyze the pros and cons of his 2 terms as our political leader and commander in Chief. I would say that he is a strong transformational leader hands down just by assessing his years in congress and his 2 terms as president. I can personally say that because I have a lot of areas under his leadership that I agree with, and there some other areas that I do not agree with when viewing some of his viewpoints. One accomplishment has gone unnoticed but is commendable. That 's Obama 's flawless personal record. President Barack Obama has served longer than any
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