Donald Trump's Leadership Style Essay

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As the U.S. presidential election draws to a close, less and less time is available for Americans to contemplate on which of the candidates is the most apt for the highest office in the land. Many will look to America’s past to determine whether the leadership and mannerisms of previous admired presidents are reflected in the actions of the candidates. One of the major candidates, Republican nominee Donald Trump, has repeatedly been likened as the “new Reagan” by major politicians such as Nigel Farage for his powerful right-wing policies. However, even a basic observation of his track record and statements will reveal that he lies like Nixon and is as spiteful as Andrew Jackson. In fact, he is almost the antithesis personality-wise to Reagan, a recent respected President, who at least knew how to …show more content…

Trump has repeatedly said, “Our country is going to hell,” rarely ever acknowledging the real economic and political progress that has developed during the last eight years. This anger will not translate to effective leadership the same way Roosevelt’s optimism did for him, as his candidacy has already concerned world leaders around the world. Just across the southern border, two Mexican presidents have vehemently opposed Trump’s proposition to build a wall on the southern border without any sort of official talks ever taking place. Even leaders of U.S. allies such as French President François Hollande and former British Prime Minister David Cameron have reprimanded Trump, someone they might actually have to confront if Trump wins. Trump would drive America away from the international cohesion with its allies that FDR himself helped form to progress the U.S.’s power. How much more proof that Trump has no crucial qualities for bettering international relations when he has literally claimed Mexico, an important trading partner and ally of the U.S., was sending America its rapists and

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