Analysis Of Heron Tower, The Junction Of Bishopsgate And Camomile Street Essay

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This quote rings true evermore in the construction of buildings throughout history; the overarching principle being that value for money is achieved in terms of the quality, cost, time and buildability of the project.(1). Further research on the design criteria led me to produce sub criteria which form the basis for my design proposals. These include: accessibility (ease of access), aesthetics, functionality, productivity and sustainability. The cost implications of these criteria, form the platform for my design change proposals.

2. Heron Tower, the design aspects The subject of my report is Heron Tower, located at the junction of Bishopsgate and Camomile Street (110 Bishopsgate, EC2). It is a commercial skyscraper 230 metres in height, which consists of a series of 10 three-story ‘villages’ and one six-story ‘village, an atrium located at the heart of each section.(2)
Salesforce Tower has incorporated a design which takes inspiration from designs like the Seagram building built in 1958 as well as some other contemporary modern designs (Century tower in Tokyo) (3)
Notable descriptions include: few internal columns, incorporated natural light from both the glazing and the atria ceilings.
The building orientation dictates the function and the aesthetics of the façade. For instance to the east and west, the facades are transparent to allow for the best use of the climate, such as the automatic blinds which change according to the position of the sun rays. The south face

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