Analysis Of Hillbilly Elegy By Jd Vance

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Persistence, resilience, and grit- three traits that I believe are often the most sought after by professionals all over the world. Developing these three skills can be a difficult process, however when all three are present in a person, that person can become a valuable asset for any company or business. In JD Vance’s memoir, Hillbilly Elegy, we see how he develops these important traits throughout his life. Through his struggles and victories, we the reader learn that no matter the situation you are placed in, you can succeed if you develop 3 important skills- those being persistence, resilience, and grit. Through my life experiences thus far, I have found that, out of these three traits, I am quite resilient. My ability to bounce back…show more content…
Once I discovered this method, I felt far more confident taking tests, and overall improved my average test grades for that class. Being resilient is a skill I believe applies well to me, however is my grit. As I stated, I am typically quick to find a solution to many issues I encounter in my life. I figure out what is wrong and quickly try to fix this issue. However, there is always a constant fear that I won’t be able to figure out what is wrong when searching for a solution. If the problem isn’t quickly resolved with my method, I begin to overthink what may be wrong, and often that leads me down the wrong path. Unfortunately, this happens to me more often than it should. When it takes me a long time to figure out a solution, I begin to get far to stressed and anxious, leading to me getting distracted from what the actual issue is, creating a domino effect that leads me further and further away from the explanation. Before I know it, I have let another slip-up happen, whether it be in class or in life in general, and then I have to juggle two issues at the same time. Grit is not an easy attribute to acquire, and is especially hard for me to develop. Sure, my method of problem solving works most of the time, but when it fails and I cannot figure out what is wrong, I have a very difficult time bouncing back. When it

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