Analysis Of I Love Lucy

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The I Love Lucy Show was broadcasted in the 1950s based in New York, it was a family based show that featured a loving, yet comical couple Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, later in the series they became parents to Ricky Ricardo Jr. The show also included Fred and Ethel Mertz who were the neighbors, friends and also the landlords of Lucy and Ricardo.The couple joined them on different episodes as supporting characters adding to the storyline.
I Love Lucy was the first influential and also successful sitcom. Unlike many shows of that era, it involved a biracial couple, including a Caucasian woman and a Cuban man. Which in that timeframe wasn't the norm showing the possibility of existence between two cultures.
Lucy was a housewife and her husband …show more content…

He has the help of Aunt Bea and friends throughout the small town of Mayberry to help him get through this time and also help him look after his son and instill the right morals into him.
The filming was also different between the shows, in the I Love Lucy Show they were always showed once they reached their venue, the were never shown commuting or shown how they may have possibly arrived to the desired location, where in the Andy Griffith Show you wouldn't see them actually driving but you would see them getting out of the car making reference to how they got to their destination and sometimes you may even see them pulling off from their destination.
The environment was different on the shows also, although Lucy showed a good environment where people just opened the doors to your home without knocking, her show was still portrayed as living in the city, where there were restaurants and nightclubs etc. while Andy Griffith showed small town living, just basically a neighborhood or very small city with gas stations, drug stores, really simple details, with small neighborhood problems. Andy really never had any serious crimes to solve. He had to deal with with angry citizens, neighborhood issues, morally right situations, or small conflicts nothing too serious.
Both shows showed moral and integrity issues throughout where they had to choose between what was right and what was wrong. Both shows showed the importance of

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