Analysis Of Jesse Williams Speech

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The speech I choose was an acceptance speech By Jesse Williams when he won the Humanitarian of the year award at the BET awards. Now this speech probably wouldn't be very appealing to a caucasian person because the main point of the speech is about how black people have been oppressed by white to long. It may sound like he’s targeting whites but he is just speaking up on all the injustices going on in our society to african americans. Also, a white person should not feel offended by the speech and feel as if Jesse Williams hates white people because he is half white. Jesse Williams see the world from multiple perspective being and black and white man. He uses his platform to as an actor to inform the country of our injustices against minorities. Jesse Williams Grabs our attention right away by thanking his parents for everything and for teaching him what the schools wouldnt teach him. Also he thanks his wife for changing his life. Right aways Williams grabs our attention with pathos because a lot of people can relate because there parents help shape them into the person they are today, also by thanking his significant other shows how the person you love has a big impact on your life. It was a very effective method because by starting your speech of by humbling yourself and thanking others for your success appeals to the audience. Williams Definitely makes it known what the speech is going to be about by saying “ this award - this is not for me. This is for the real
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