Analysis Of John Scott's 'Power'

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To improve my second essay, I have chosen three points from the feedback of my first essay. In my first essay, the theoretical framework was partly incorrect. Thus, I will go over the lecture and re-read the part about developed forms of power in Scott's book "Power". I will also focus my analysis on one specific animal and make sure that I analyse the power relationship correctly. Further, I will focus on the grammar and sentence structure of my essay to improve the readability of my essay.
How the EU uses inducement to gain the upper hand in Brexit negotiations
The outcome of the Brexit referendum in June last year came as a surprise to a lot of people, though surveys showed that the outcome would be close. It was predicted that ‘Remain' would win with a tight majority, yet, politicians underestimated the resentment British citizens had cultivated against the perceived domination of the European Union. Citizens voted to win back sovereignty, but as the recent negotiations show the United Kingdom has won anything but that. This essay analyses how the EU dominates Britain in the divorce negotiations by employing John Scott's theory of structures of domination. Access to the single market is the main incentive the EU offers Britain for accepting their conditions of the Brexit. This characterises the EU as the …show more content…

12-25, 2001). Elementary forms of power are used to restrict people's choices. This can either be done by corrective influence, such as by force and manipulation, or through persuasive influence such as signification and legitimation. Elementary forms of power are the basis on which more developed forms of power are built on. Thus, we can use elementary forms of power to explain domination and why subalterns accept that. Scott illustrates the four ideal forms of developed power by comparing them with animals: Lion, Fox, Owl, and

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