Analysis Of Jonathan Kozol 's ' The Mechanics Of The Book '

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I. Analysis of the mechanics of the book. In today 's society, there are issues that are more important than another. There may be some disagreements on which issue is more important than the rest. Which leads to the most important topic in life, education. At a young age, we are enrolled in school from kindergarten to senior year of high school. When you hit high school you are preparing for your future; attending college, joining the work force, the military, etc. However, one thing seems to go unnoticed, this is the notion that a young ones career as a student is simply molded when they are in their elementary years. This now leads to the topic of this essay; Jonathan Kozol 's book and his research on students from the inner city. It appears that Jonathan Kozol took the organization of his book very seriously. In fact, I believe that his book was organized very well. When it comes to the type of organization used, deciding which was used is ultimately up to the reader. Personally, I believe that Kozol used topical organization. The reason being is that each chapter had a different topic with an underlying message. Although at points it may have seemed that he was listing everything in chronological order, Kozol stuck with the examples that were relevant to the theme of that individual chapter. If Kozol were to use another form of organization, chronological perhaps, his book would not be much different. I feel that is he were to use this form, his powerful

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