Analysis Of Justin Unger 's School Readiness Test Essay

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Justin Unger is a sweet five-year-old male who is currently enrolled in kindergarten at Southwoods Elementary School. He was referred to occupational therapy by his teacher due to difficulty with recognizing and writing letters and numbers and completing fine motor activities. He was pulled from his classroom and evaluated using the Printing Performance School Readiness Test (PPSRT) and the Visual-Motor Integration assessment (VMI). Clinical observation was used to assess Justin’s actions and behaviors within the classroom and on the playground.
Per teacher report, Justin has difficulty attending to and completing activities within the classroom. Justin’s scores on the PPSRT show that he is unable to form his letters correctly, has difficulty recognizing letters placed before him, and is unable to write a letter without visual cues (Simner, 1982). These deficits lead to a severe developmental delay in writing tasks and letter recognition. When Justin was observed during tabletop activities, he did not recognize his last name and was only able to write eight letters of the alphabet independently. In addition, Justin was unable to draw a square or a triangle without having a visual example to copy. Lastly, the VMI shows that Justin has a severe delay in visual-perceptual skills and motor coordination (Beery, Buktencia & Beery, 2010). These delays contribute to his inability to write and his decreased fine motor skills. However, Justin demonstrated many strengths

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