Sensory Integration Case Study

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2. Abstract: This article focuses on the benefits of occupational therapy (OT) and sensory integration (SI) how they can improve behaviors at a developmental age. The article speaks about a four-year old boy, who from a young age suffered from difficulties with sensory integration that impacted his every day routine. This included hypersensitivities to auditory, tactile, vestibular stimuli. He was referred to occupational therapy for the sensory integration approach. It was then where he was given the Sensory Profile to establish goals. It was recommended that the client attend OT-SI session for 10 weeks. Over time, the client significantly improved in all set goals, by slowing introducing feeding, gross motor and tactile interventions. His sensory processing is now at a typical level for his age group.…show more content…
Schaaf, 2017).” The OT-SI had a positive impact where the client successfully reached all of his therapy goals (Roseann C. Schaaf, 2017). 4. Article Critique: Strengths/weaknesses of article/research study: The strength is that the client had a successful outcome and can now participate in daily activities with his peers at home and in the community. Since this study was only performed on one client, they cannot use the results to determine outcomes of other clients (Roseann C. Schaaf, 2017). Another weakness is that the assessment date had limited objective material to reference (Roseann C. Schaaf, 2017). Recommendations for future research Implications for practice: When I am an OTA and I am dealing with a child similar to the one in the study, I can recommend the Sensory Profile to the parents to complete. With the results of the profile, I can set a number of goals which will serve as improvement areas to focus on during the therapy
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