The Work Of An Occupational Therapist

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Activities of daily living are the main focus of an Occupational Therapist. When people are doing their habits and routines do not think about the way they do something or why they are doing it in a certain way. An Occupational Therapist, however, will watch a person perform an activity and think on the steps he/she is taking and the reason behind the way they are performing it. For OTs, the way people perform a certain task or how they behave is extremely important because according to the theorists of behavior, motor control, and cognitive development each individual most perform and behave according to their stage in life. OT is all about client-centered care and if they would not know how a person is supposed to behave at a certain age how would they realize there is something wrong. In this paper, we are going to try to implement those theories in the behavior of a child. The observation of Eddy, a 43 months old child born in the United States but whose parents were born and raised in Cuba took place on a Saturday early afternoon in the living room of the kid’s house. The house from front to back was covered with toys of different colors and shapes along with security measures for the kid’s safety in every room. According to the mother, the family is trying to continue with parent’s traditions along with some acquires in the States like Christmas and Thanksgivings. Also, the mother explained that the child has been raised talking a mix of Spanish and English and they

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