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What can and will be viewed as an important part to enhance the effectiveness of a student’s learning; educators, software vendors and a student’s parents have supported the notion of involving technology into the classroom. This notion is increasingly valid in the area of post-secondary education where students primarily young adults, have to pay high amounts of tuition in the goal of obtaining a degree and obtain skills to translate into landing a job in a very competitive market. A now common tool among post-secondary institutions to aid students is the use of learning objects. For this research assignment, I will define what learning objects are and what they are used for. Look into the top learning objects in the market. Finally, …show more content…

Therefore it can be stated that learning objects can offer this potential gain both present and prospective students.
Learning Objects
In David A. Wiley’s Connecting Learning Objects to Instructional Design Theory, learning objects are “any digital resource that can be reused to support learning" (Wiley, 2000) He then goes on to state that the main idea of learning objects is to take content and learning objectives and break them down into small chunks that can then be reused in different learning environments. There are several types of learning objects that can be used to achieve the goals and objectives of the classroom. They are assessments, animations, simulations, case studies, drill and practice and templates. (Wisc-Online) Now why should the classroom incorporate learning objects? With the growth of technology in general life and with new ways of learning than just the usual textbook and class room, learning objects able to adapt and be flexible in new places of learning such as an online course or website. For a cultural environment such as Canada, and with a more diverse student population, there is an increase in diverse knowledge and learning experiences. With learning objects, they can be used to teach and adjust with its multiple types to cater to the different styles of learning.

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