Analysis Of Learning Results And Learning Objectives

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Analysis of Learning Results and Learning Objectives. A. The fourth grade class as a whole did a fairly good job on this Social Studies Unit, though it was quite the long journey to get to the end. This unit was formatted very similarly to their other units, focusing on the western region of the United States. Their goals as a class is to learn the states and their capitals of each region, as well as identify the states on a map from memory. Their text book focuses on the geography, climate, and the natural resources and economy of the West. There is a fairly scripted attack used to cover Social Studies units, utilizing the book lessons, quizzes, and chapter test. Covering states and capitals is integrated in different ways throughout the unit. We also added an enrichment project students completed researching an individual state. The pretest for states and capitals was pretty much universally tanked, with a couple exceptions who did fairly well before we began learning the states and capitals for the West. This was a good indication that everyone could benefit with some practice learning states and capitals. I was very proud of my class as a whole, they showed tremendous growth, gaining about 90% of the material overall that was presented. There were a few outliers, but almost every student had successfully retained the states and their capitals, as well as where they were located on a map. The group as a whole struggled the most with the comprehension aspect, which was

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