Analysis Of Mark Twain, Henry Ford And William Shakespeare

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Steve Jobs, Mark Twain, Henry Ford and William Shakespeare are all leading icons in this world. They all achieved something different than each other but they all share one thing in common which is, they have all either had very limited or no education at all. This leads me to my next question which is , “Do we really need education to become successful?” “what is the purpose of education?” I believe the purpose of education is to teach social skills, cultural values and to set up one’s life to become successful. A few things I wonder are “ Why do we have to become educated in subjects we won 't use in life? How come we have to pay for college when we didn’t pay for grade school? I also Believe that education has partly become a waste of time and money, because were being taught what we don’t want to be and are paying for it.
There is usually a reason why people educate themselves further after high school. Whether it be for your career or if you just want to increase intelligence and knowledge. Either way you have to follow a certain path which eventually leads you to your goal. Although are some parts of education really needed? For example does a nurse need to have high math skills such as calculus? I believe not and it’s waste of time and money for something that you 'll never use in your career. I believe you should be able to choose what you want to learn such as if you did want to take calculus and become a nurse, that is your choice which will look better on you

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