Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Race. It’s a word that’s related to feelings, thoughts, and words. Throughout the history, Blacks have been treated unfairly due the fact that their racial appearances differ from the others. A great example of this is the Civil Rights Movement period, which is the racial tension between the blacks and whites. The driving forces behind this tension were in the past, but they still exist in our advanced society nowadays or maybe still affecting in the future. In Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail essay, he uses the racial inequality as a significant factor to strengthen his arguments. By giving his ethos, logos, and pathos to expose his credibilities, evoking readers with a lot of emotions, and leading readers to the struggles of being black.
During the time King was in jail in Birmingham, Alabama, he was not only writing responses to the minister, but also to an educated, white, and middle-class family, on the toilet papers. In King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, he exposes on the letters as the following quote “ I have yet to engage in a direct action campaign that was well timed in the view of those who have not suffered from the disease of segregation.” The letter is going on giving an explanation and making clear to the struggles of fighting against racism. In his main argument, he explains, there no matter what the circumstance is, when the blacks get mistreated by the whites, they always keep their ground and fight for the right they must have, the same

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