Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Logan Bender
Mrs. Joyner
Honors English IV
17 December 2015
Tampering With the Unknown The sizzling, yet controversial novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley invites the reader into a science lab to study the unknown, which goes against the norm of society. Studying the unknown has the opportunity to create unpredictable and irreversible outcomes, along with internal conflicts with morals and ethics. Based on evidence proven in the novel, scientists should not study the unknown due to foreseeable actions and results. Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein as a warning to human society, so we should not consider studying the unknown. Tampering with the unknown comes with great consequences and unpredictable outcomes.
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The study of life appeared as a mystery in Victor Frankenstein’s eyes and he saw this as an opportunity to turn his twisted and disturbing plan into a reality. Victor only thought about himself, he did not think of all the possible safety and health concerns that might happen with the creation of his monster. The monster exposes everyone to innumerable safety risks and potentially leads to the destruction of human society. With only one monster, three lives were taken; the amount of potential deaths appears limitless if Victor created multiple monsters. Health wise, the creature could bring back previous diseases that caused a huge threat to the world; after all, the creature’s body is made up of dead human parts. Throughout the novel, Victor Frankenstein goes through many health problems. He became so obsessed with his creation that he drove himself mentally and physically ill. As a consequence of this Victor had to be nursed back to good health by the family and friends that he pushed away. Creating a new form of life not only comes with unpredictable outcomes, but with irreversible outcomes as well. Science, like everything else, has limits and when these limits are pushed, it comes with potential irreversible consequences. Science dominated every aspect in Victor Frankenstein’s life; Victor sleeps, eats, and dreams about science.
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