Analysis Of Maybe Tomorrow

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Maybe Tomorrow is a biographical memoir that tells the story of Boori Monty Pryor. The events in the book journey, with the author as he seeks to reclaim his aboriginal identity and culture, while also reconciling with history and trauma that has occurred and never loosing hope. Although, this book is a biographical memoir, it is not written in typical manner expected of one. Instead it comes across as more intimate and personal narrative, as though the author himself is having a conversation with you personally. Which was apparent throughout the entire book in aspects such as how he delivers his story. The tone used through out the narrative is often sharp and direct. Pryor, get to the point very quickly and he’s blunt with his delivery, no matter how hard or uncomfortable the subject matter maybe. An example of this is in the very first chapter, Pryor begins the story by detailing a very vivid image of deaths that have occurred in his family through suicide. He doesn’t sugar coat details of these deaths because they represent a reality that is far too common for many aboriginal families. A reality that is often censored, or sugar coated by mainstream society. While these events as well as many others in the book are difficult for the author to recount they form an idea of the struggles he has endured, the failures, tragedies and humiliations he has had to overcome. As well as the success and triumphs along the way because they are all a part of his story, not one that is

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