Analysis Of Neurosis And Human Growth Written By Karen Horney

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Neurosis and Human Growth written by Karen Horney has 15 chapters including: The Search for Glory, Neurotic Claims, The Tyranny of the Should, Neurotic Pride, Self-Hate and Self Contempt, Alienation from Self, General Measures to Relieve Tension, The Expansive Solutions: the appeal of mastery, The Self-Effacing Solution: the appeal of love, Morbid Dependency, Resignation: the appeal of freedom, Neurotic Disturbances in Human Relationships, Neurotic Disturbances in Work, The Road of Psychoanalytic Therapy, and Theoretical Considerations.
In the first chapter titled, “The Search for Glory”, Karen Horney explains a human’s potential to develop their own unique thoughts, wishes, interests and feelings, which is their real self. She describes the real self as, “ that central inner force, common to all human beings and yet unique in each, which is the deep source of growth”. The real self is all about the individual’s depth and clarity of their own feelings, strength of their own will power, special talents or gifts they might be born with, and are able to express themselves. The goal as they grow older is to grow toward self-realization. But first to expand their given potentialities, they must be provided with favorable conditions to grow. These conditions include a warm atmosphere, for a feeling of inner freedom and security encouraging them to have their own thoughts and feeling, leading them to better self expression. Next they need the good will of others in order to develop

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