Analysis Of Pat Solitano ( Bradley Cooper )

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After eight months in a mental health facility, Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) is released back home with his parents. Pat realizes that he must have a new outlook on life to reconcile and be back together with his wife Nikki. He attempts to see the good (the silver linings) in all that he experiences. At dinner with his friends, Pat meets Veronica 's sister Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). It’s evident that sparks fly between Pat and Tiffany and she tries to connect with him but Pat’s only focus is getting back together with Nikki. Tiffany tries to get closer to Pat and even offers to deliver a letter to Nikki, but only if he will be her dance partner in an upcoming dance competition. He agrees to this as he believes the competition will be a good way to show Nikki that he has changed. The two begin a rigorous practice regimen over the following weeks. Pat starts to become uninterested in continuing with the dance competition, which makes Tiffany upset as she was looking forward to it. In order for Pat to dance in the competition, Tiffany and Pat’s parents lie and tell him that Nikki will be there. Soon after, Pat notices that the letters from “Nikki” were actually written by Tiffany, making him angry and confused as he was doing this all for her. A few days after, at the competition, to everyone’s surprise, Nikki did in fact attend the dance competition and Pat is excited to see her. Tiffany is upset that Nikki is there and is not sure if she wants to preform but Pat drags

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