Analysis Of Peter Beinart's American Institutions Are Pushing Back Against Trump

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In the article from The Atlantic, “American Institutions are Pushing Back Against Trump,” the author Peter Beinart discusses how the bureaucracy, judiciary, press, and public have been tirelessly working against Trump and his administration since his inauguration in January. Beinart goes on to speak about the problems that have already risen during Trump’s presidency and how various organizations and groups have been able to put a halt to some of his policies. By discussing topics like this, it shows that Peter Beinart’s viewpoint regarding Donald Trump is that he believes Trump is not fit for the presidency and does not agree with his beliefs.
When analyzing the resignation of Michael Flynn, Beinart says, “If the Trump administration had been able to deny reality, as it so often does, Flynn would likely still have his job” (Beinart). By adding the phrase “ it so often does” to the sentence, it shows that he thinks that the Trump administration denies reality quite frequently. This would mean that Beinart believes that the administration does not take into consideration or account for all that is truly going on in our country today. Another statement that shows Beinart's apparent disapproval of Trump is when he says, "Obviously, Trump’s presidency is young. He can still do enormous damage"
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Yes, he has a poor track record and an interesting past compared to most past presidents, but he won the election for a reason. Maybe he has some ideas that could help the country. While someone may not agree with all them, we should still exercise our freedom to protest, but at the same time, we should respect his decisions as he still is the President of the United States. We must give his presidency a chance because as Beinart says, “Obviously, Trump’s presidency is young” (Beinart). There is still a lot of time for him to make a
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