Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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A world full a blank expressionless faces connected to even more mindless robotic people. A world where one just breathes and eats, but never truly feels any emotion. Our world is on the way to becoming this, but for Millie and Montag this was a sad, sad, reality in Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451. Everything grows with time as did our main character Montag throughout the book. Montag begins as a mindless follower and evolves into a fearless leader. As he grows into this leader his relationship with Mildred goes through multiple changes. Montag and Millie’s story is broken into three parts. Montag first and most briefly believes he and Millie were a fairy tale couple and then Clarisse made him realize that he was in a loveless …show more content…

Everything that had happened that day boiled up inside him and he began to contemplate his whole life. “I’m numb he thought. When did the numbness really began in my face? In my body? The night I kicked the pill bottle in the dark, like kicking a buried mine,”(Bradbury 73). In this scene Montag realizes that he has no emotions. He had been avoiding feeling anything for so long that he forgot what it felt like to feel. While Montag pushed himself into his work, as a fireman, Millie got absorbed into a virtual world. Millie became obsessed with her “family” in the walls because by focusing on their problems she could forget about her own. In our world today new technology comes out everyday. With all this technology at our hands kids are spending more time on their phones or playing video games then talking to friends or family. We now have virtual reality goggles in which you can create your perfect life. This googles are just as bad as the parlor walls, that Millie watches. We may not be burning books as the fireman did in Fahrenheit 451 but we have forgotten about them which is just as bad. But we can change just if we take time to look around and notice how bad our world has gotten because it’s never too late. Just as every great story and society must have a beginning everything must come to an end at sometime. Will we end in a fiery death from global warming or take control of our lives as Montag did and hang around as long

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