Analysis Of Sam Mendes 's ' A Film '

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A directed by Sam Mendes about a couple that faced common issues in marriage in the 1950 's. In the 1950 's many lived in suburban areas in the hopes of an simple, normal life with goal of safety and security. It was a means of surviving and having a peaceful life. However, April and Frank Wheeler wanted a different life. April Wheeler found that the idea of living a simple life was too dull and wanted more out of life and marriage. April Wheeler constantly romanticized the idea of being a famous actor and breaking typical family norms, rules of being a mother and wife. Frank Wheeler had a job that he hated and commute daily from Connecticut to New York in the means of financially supporting his wife and family. They both live in Connecticut with two children and neighbor that April finds to be too tedious simply because it isn 't anything more than normal. Desperate to get out of the typical normal life they have, April convinces Frank to move to Paris. A place that April had dreamed for so long to go to and believed that if they were in Paris all their problems would fade and bring great wealth. Unfortunately, their plan to move to Paris was crushed when April was pregnant with the third child. Marital problems arise when April decides to abort the child. As the movie plays out, the audience is able to witness a variety of issues that comes in their marriage. April and Frank have a relationship that seems to a ludic type of love that only involves fun and games without the…
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