Analysis Of Source 3, The Two Fridas

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“The sense of identity appears early on the life as the infant begins to separate themselves from an undifferentiated unity with their mother”. (Source 4). Identity is the sense of who each person are as individuals and as a member of the social group. It grows in response to both internal and external factors. Different type of identities developed during different environmental, circumstances, and time. In Source 3, The Two Fridas painted by Frida Kahol was shown. It painted around the time of her divorce with her husband, Diego Rivera. The painting shows how her identity changed as she experienced the pain of betrayal. The Firda on the right represent the Frida that was loved by Diego. In the painting she wore a green traditional Mexican dress, with a heart painted on her chest, and holding on a small portrait of Diego Rivera. The portrait of Diego symbolizes that she loves and cares deeply about him. The heart that was painted symbolizes that spending time together with him gave her love and hope. Shows that she was happy with him, and that she loved him with all her heart. After her divorce with Diego her …show more content…

The cartoon was called the Magic Mirror Shop. In the cartoon, mirrors are displayed for sell. There are two types of mirror. The mirror that reflects the inner you and the mirror that reflects the ideal you. The mirror that reflects the idea you was sold out. This symbolizes that everyone wants to be the ideal They want to fit the high beauty standards that the society had created. There is also a man standing in front of the mirror that reflects the inner you. The man is an average man and he is well dress; however, the mirror reflects a fat, dirt, poor guy that looks nothing like the man. The mirror reflects how the man see himself as. Although he is clean and well dressed, deeply he identify himself as a poor dirt old man. This cartoon shows how the society standards can changes the way individuals thinks and identify themselves

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