Analysis Of `` Still I Rise `` By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Power Against Power
The power to use laws for the purpose of peace, justification, and protection of the rights of individuals in society is moral and it has a certain ethical rationale to confirm it’s validity, but when the misuse of authority is exercised for the purpose of selfish advance or benefit, then oppression becomes prevalent. All people have basic rights that must be respected and thought of as an uncompromisable necessity from which no one can neglect or deny allowance. Unfortunately, the abuse of power and authority is wreaking havoc in the foundations of certain societies creating injustices and mistreatment that is thoroughly understood by those who are forced to live under this defect of power. Every person will be faced with an influential decision; stand up for what they believe in or fall under the clutches of the opposition. This statement is noticeably evident in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story when he demonstrates the possible response to oppression in “Harrison Bergeron.” Likewise, in the memorable poem, “Still I Rise,” Maya Angelou illustrates the will power one can have to overcome accusations. Lastly, Hernando Tellez portrays through his short story, “Ashes for the Wind,” the severity some people would go though to reinforce basic rights. These authors exemplify through their pieces of literature the capability of oppression to alter lives.

The satirical intention of Vonnegut’s short story demonstrates the influence injustices can have on people
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