Analysis Of The Article ' 4-6 Sentences Essay

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A. Summary
Begin your critical analysis with a brief summary of the article (4-6 sentences). (5 points)
Researchers found the Zika virus is a member of the Flaviridae family and is transmitted to humans by, mosquitoes. Although these research results are promising, it is difficult to determine whether this experiment really did ZIKV virus is a members of the Flaviridiae family or different family. Was the experiment of the ZIKV conduct appropriately to all animal? And although this research promising, results for the most flaviuvirus family. Interestingly, the virus was also detected in testicles of infected mice. We have no idea whether these result are applicable to another types of virus. So this article is miss leading and this conclusion does not necessary apply to all virus.

B. Observation, Question, and Hypothesis (6 points)
Identify and challenge starting assumptions based on the author’s observations, questions, and Hypothesis
Based on the author’s observations, these are some challenge, question and hypothesis
Observation: seeing to somethings for scientific
Purpose: some observation are sound and justifiable, but some are not.obervation is to look at, listen to, touch, taste or smell something. Some observation bad cannot be detected.
Challenge: scientists have figure out how to produce data regarding no observable fact.
Observe anything by interpreting with objects. Different observer has different aspect observation, so result are different.

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