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The article “Megyn Kelly Missed an Opportunity to Help Women”, articulates the importance of human resources management for employees and organizations. Phillips demonstrates various inequalities in the workplace today through the findings of unreported discriminatory practices against women starting with Kelly. Her interaction with Trump is a continual issue in the workforce today which goes unreported or suppressed because women are afraid to voice their concerns. Taken from Kelly’s book, Phillips assiduously advocates the importance of the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), stating how organizations should learn to adapt to better human resources management practices to prevent discriminatory actions. Some of the implications The…show more content…
The EEOC established in 2965 as part of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act extends discrimination and harassment protections to uncovered groups in the workplace.
Writer of the article, Phillips, also uses cases Kelly had found over the years about the equal employment opportunities. More specifically, the upraise of the glass ceiling within global corporations such as Walmart. In 2010, this giant retailer had systematically barred qualified women from job opportunities open to men (Phillips, 2016). Preventing women from advancing in their career is an example of systemic discrimination which goes against the human rights legislation. Luckily, “EEOC regulations provide a path for women in less high-profile jobs to challenge discriminatory practices. In response to improper treatment, a woman can register a formal complaint with her Human Resources officer or with a local EEOC of HR response is unsatisfactory.” (Phillips, 2016). On the other hand, women know that jobs are scarce, thus, making complaints may be unpalatable. They fear that they may be laid off or terminated by questioning company regulations. For settlements to begin, employees must understand EEOC rules and most importantly, women need to have the courage to stand up for their rights.
Many employers settle disputes themselves to prevent time-consuming and

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