Analysis Of The Black Power Movement By Joan Didion

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The image I found most powerful from the Moments presentation was the photo of the two gentlemen who won a medal during the Olympics that are holding up the resistance fist. This image stayed with me the most because of the men using their platform in order to bring light of issues such as the “Black Power” movement. During an era with political unrest and activism, these men risked to lose their medals to show what side of history they stood on. What drew me to this image is the relevance of the topic today. The constant struggle African Americans faced and still continue to face is a severe issue in America. Between bigots and the societal way that all black are portrayed as bad, are still targeted. Looking back to just shy of a month from current day, the protests and counter-protests in Charlottesville, leading to violence quickly. I am lucky enough to live in an area where hispanics are not the minority, and if I am, no one is racist or insensitive, since we are so close to the Mexico border. However being told you are less than for the color of your skin is demeaning. I feel that this simple act of courage, this nonviolent show of resistance, highlights the importance of the message.The message of equality and acceptance. These men worked their entire lives to get to the Olympics, only to get there and use their platform on something bigger than themselves. Page 2 Joan Didion’s essay, “Marrying Absurd” highlights what is wrong about having a wedding in the
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