Analysis Of The Book ' Gates ' By Paul Andrews And Stephen Manes Essay

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Choice Book Essay Recently, I read the book 'Gates, how Microsoft 's mogul reinvented an industry--and made himself the richest man in America ' by Paul Andrews and Stephen Manes in 1994. This was of course, during the time period when Apple was failing, and released an operating system, System 9, that nobody needed nor wanted in 1994. IBM sure wished they haven 't filed those separation papers now, when Microsoft stock stormed overhead, selling out of Windows 95 in less than two days globally. Over 2 million copies in fact, and the first publically available windows that didn 't run on top of MS-DOS, our ancient overlord. This book told the secret life of the ruler of the entire technology industry all the way to present day. The main author is one of my favorites, since he wrote many articles on PC world, and gave a somewhat honest review of Windows Vista, of course after Microsoft fired one of their top software engineers. Stephen Manes was even mentioned on the Personal Computers columnist for the Science Times section of the New York Times, and another on InformationWeek. At this time he was even a successful editor for PC Magazine, PC/Computing, PCjr, and Net guide. Marketing Computers also ranked him as one of the top 4 influential writes about the computer industry. He also wrote over 30 books for many audiences from children to young adults, including Chicken Trek. After placing in the International Reading Association Children 's Choice awards, and winning those

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