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Dec. 3, 2014
Maus: Response Paper 1 In chapter one of Maus by Art Spiegelman, Artie sets out to visit his father, Vladek, in Rego Park after being away for nearly two years. Vladek has remarried to Mala after Artie 's mother 's suicide. Artie convinces his father to tell him his story so that he may write a book about his life in Poland and the war. Vladek begins his story by explaining how he met Artie 's mother, Anja. In the beginning of chapter two, the honeymoon, Artie visits Vladek regularly over the next months to record his story. Vladek mentions that Anja had an ex boyfriend, from Warsaw who took part in Communist activities. Anja 's parents explain how she had been translating the documents to her boyfriend. When she was warned that police were on their way she went into hiding and left the package with the seamstress. Later Anja 's father helps finance a textile factory for Vladek to manage. Around the same time Anja delivers her first newborn but then suffers from postpartum depression. Anja and Vladek then go off to a sanitarium where she recovers. They arrive back home to find out that the factory had been robbed. As this happens the conditions worsen for the Jews and Vladek later receives a letter from the government stating that he has been called into active duty from the reserves. The content portrayed in chapter one was not as emotional as the second one. The first had a little bit of humor to where as…

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