Analysis Of The Book ' Persepolis '

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Graphic novels depend on the text and illustration to present the information. If you were to just have one without the other, information could be misconstrued. Having the illustrations helps the reader paint a picture of what the text is relaying and up clear confusion in the text. Graphic novels usually portray characters that allow you to see their face, which tells a story within itself. Facial expressions are useful not only in graphic novels, but in everyday life because they can allow you to see what the person is really feeling. Someone can say one thing but think another and it can usually be seen on your face, unless you have an amazing poker face. Faces in graphic novels do not always allow you to see what the characters are…show more content…
The face element that adds emphasizes on what the character is feeling is important because it stresses the character’s emotions which is strong factor when understanding a character. This aspect of the “face” is important to graphic novels because it allows the audience to understand the characters through the illustrations that are given. Faces can also be used to communicate with the audience what the characters are really feeling when the text tells a different story. When a character will tell say something in the novel but feeling the complete opposite and it can usually be seen on their face. This can be seen in this graphic novel when Marji is leaving her parents at the airport. Her parents are acting excited that she is leaving and talking like they will come see her in six months, but Marji knows how unlikely it is that her parents will escape the war zone (152 Satrapi). In the next panel, you see Marji turn around upset and her parents look unhappy too. This panel contradicts what was said in the panel before. Deep down, her parents know that it will be unlikely that Marji will be able to live and see them again, but they are acting happy and excited for Marji so she will not be sad and worried. Marji realizes this and you can see the sadness on her face when she turns away from her parents. The faces of the characters in this scene are so important because they tell the true feelings of the characters and their emotions towards Marji
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