Analysis Of The Book ' Romans '

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Historical Context The book of Romans was written by Paul to the church at Rome. Paul is explaining his plans to travel and spread the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome and make his final stop in Spain. By Romans 6, Paul was on his third missionary journey and has been planting churches in major metropolitan centers throughout southern and western Asia Minor and Macedonia. During his third missionary journey is thought to be when the book of Romans was actually written by a scribe named Tertius as identified in Romans 16:22. As said by Douglas Moo, the date for which Romans was actually written will depend upon the dating of Paul’s three-month stay in Greece. He actually wrote Romans as a way of preparing for his projected visit to the capital city. Pauls main mission in Romans is to mend the relationship between the Jews and the Gentiles, which followed after Claudius expelled all the Jews out of Rome and the church became predominantly Gentile.

Literary Context Romans can be categorized into 6 major components, the opening, the heart of the gospel, the assurance provided by the gospel, the defense of the gospel, the transforming power of the gospel, and the closing. Chapter 1 verses 1-17 can be seen as the opener, then it moves into the heart of the gospel which is the justification by faith (1:18-4:25). Next is the assurance provided by the gospel which is the hope of salvation (5:1-8:39), following that is the defense of the gospel know as the problem of Israel

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