Analysis Of The Book ' The Little Runaway '

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so, i’ve always loved playing characters that have more to them than what’s immediately perceptible, who have a bit underneath the surface that you still need to dig up and uncover, and i definitely got that impression from the little runaway blurb. my favorite character of mine, of all time, is actually extremely similar to the wanderer label, and he’s got so much depth to him that i’m honestly shocked, to this day, that he was borne from a twitter roleplay. he’s an adventure-seeker at heart, which drives a lot of his desire to run from pretty much anything and anyone, but there’s just... so much more there when you dig a little deeper. there’s an innate desire to find himself, to find happiness, and his entire arc within that roleplay was pretty much him realizing that his perfect place of eternal joy wasn’t just sitting around waiting for him out there—he had to make it for himself. so, needless to say, i love playing characters with lots of layers and depth and different motivations, and when i get really into a character, i dig my nails in and never let go!! let’s jump right in, then!! georgia lies smack dab in the middle of the bible belt, and that’s abundantly clear in the tiny town of midway. every mile or so, you pass a new church, and growing up, sawyer prinz was amazed that his little town of maybe two thousand had enough people to fill all of those pews on sunday mornings. he’d lived in midway his entire life, brought up comfortably by two equally emotionally

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