The Lake Willowberry: A Short Story

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“Well maybe—” “Yeah, sure, nice try, Justin,” said Conner, folding his arms, leaning back in his chair. “Dude, I’m not sure about the gas station, but I know for sure there was a creeper old man at Lake Willowberry.” “Maybe he was just homeless,” Jenna suggested. “Or maybe you’re just crazy and seeing things,” Todd laughed, shoving a whole sandwich in his mouth. “Fine, don’t believe me, just know there is a psycho at Lake Willowberry and you're all gonna die.” Jared thought about Justin’s story for the rest of lunch. He wasn’t sure he entirely believed it because Justin was known for telling outlandish stories. The thought, however, remained with him; maybe he wasn’t the only one seeing or experiencing unusual things. Maybe something really strange was going on in East Bay. Jared reached into his pocket and pulled out the folded piece of paper from his Economics class. While no one was looking he quickly wrote, ‘Old man in Lake Willowberry,’ he circled it and attached it to one of the branches before quickly shoving the paper back into his pocket. The rest of the school day zipped on by. In Spanish, two more…show more content…
Stweed. Coach won’t be too happy when he finds out, Jared thought. “Hey Jared, going to practice?” said Todd, chomping on an egg roll. “No, I got detention for a week. I’m not sure for how long it will be either.” “A week!” said Todd, crumbs falling from his mouth. “Coach is going to murder you when he finds out and what about the homecoming game?!” “Yeah, I know and that’s why you’re going to tell him,” said Jared, patting him on the back and heading towards Ms. Stweed’s classroom. “What?! Oh, no way, man, Coach will murder me for just telling him,” Todd called as Jared left him standing alone. “Ah man,” he heard Todd say, as he threw down the rest of his egg roll. Chapter 7:
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