Analysis Of The Book ' The Place I Call Home ' Essay

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Living around nothing more than a few houses on a long straight road in the middle of nowhere. Gregory, Michigan is the place I call home. As a boy growing up in the late 90s I did not have the luxuries of today’s technology. Despite our lack of common toys my three brothers John, Sam, and the baby of the family Matthew had no lack of imagination. My brother John being oldest would make us crudely handmade toys out of whatever we had lying around. My favorite toy John made was a wooden pistol. Claiming it as mine, I would use it as my sidearm in cops and robbers. Surprisingly, I was always the cop. Because of this, I’d run after my brothers yelling freeze. Next, I would chase them down and catch them. Then, I would lock my criminals up in jail. Finally, with a confident voice I’d make sure they learned their lesson about breaking the law. Many of these lessons I learned from my grandpa. My grandpa was never a cop, but he was a man that lived by the law. He loved that I was always the cop. He would always sit me down and preach to me lessons about what’s right and wrong and what good man do about it. It felt so perfect to be a cop; at that age I knew I would be a Police officer. My grandpa died when I was still very young. After his death I still wanted to be a police officer. I knew I wanted to be a great man like him. However, I was not sure on what path to take. Consequently, I turned to new outlets to find myself. Suddenly, football fell into my life. I figured I
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