Analysis Of The Book ' The Way Green ' By John Green

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Paper Towns is The New York Times Bestseller, Edgar Award, and Printz Award winning novel written by John Green. The way Green organizes the book is well simple and well planned and is simple to follow. The novel is divided into three sections that organize the growth of the story and plot. I liked the way this was done because it keeps the reader alert and more involved in the novel. Margo and Quentin, the two main characters in the novel, are childhood friends who gradually drift apart as they grow older. Everything changes between Margo and Quentin when they discover a dead man 's body. This event transforms their lives and Margo 's imagination. Margo disappears one day after spending a night filled with bold risks with Quentin, and he is convinced that Margo left him clues to help him find her. Symbolism is shown throughout the book that helps convey many different meanings of life; and two examples of symbolism include strings and paper towns. One of the many symbols in the book are strings. This symbol is connected to several people in the novel and one of them is a dead man named Robert Joyner. When Margo and Quentin first find the dead body, Margo is not afraid to approach it while Quentin is scared and wants to leave. They later find out that Robert Joyner committed suicide but do not know why. Margo later hypothesizes that, " 'Maybe all the strings inside him broke '" (Green 8). The strings represent the sanity of a person and the hope of keeping oneself

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