Analysis Of The C & C 's Management

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Executive Summary:
Calyx and Corolla (C&C) is a company started by Ruth M. Owades in 1988, which delivers fresh flowers to the customers using courier service Federal Express. Customers can choose from a wide range of fresh flowers and bouquets and make an order via phone or fax and get it delivered to their houses. During 1990, it had consummated over 150k transactions, yielding revenues in excess of $10 million. C&C was exceptionally promising yet it’s still a partly proven, start-up company. The main challenges that C&C is facing are competition with traditional flower selling outlets, less customer base that order flowers via mail. The company should determine whether it should change its current strategy and position itself as a mail operation to compete with the traditional outlets, such as florists and FTDs. Specifically, the C&C’s management is planning a major advertising campaign to go head to head against FTDs. Its problem is that it is not clear who their customers should be? As a small company, it needs to figure out the best way to use its limited marketing resources to reach potential customers.

Goal and goal defense:
C&C is a small player in a large market that has remarkable growth potential. As a company, C&C has enjoyed substantial success since its beginnings in 1988. The goal of the company is to solidify its presence in the market by evolving its current business model and developing new business approaches which will ensure long-term financial

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